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Magento Site performance

magento site performace and optimization

Image Source Magento, eBay owned platform is one of the top worldwide accepted framework where people choose to grow their ecommerce business. When it comes to site optimization and performance, Magento site needs high level of performace ability. Making sure that your ecommerce solution is running fast is one of the most important factor to…

How to render static blocks in any pages in magento 2

Render static block in magento 2

In between Magento 1.x and 2.x, rendering the Static block is quiet different. You can call either in .phtml template, CMS page or layout file in the following way. In phtml file:

In layout file:

In any CMS block:

How to reset lost admin password in Magento 2 ?

magento 2 admin password reset

If you forgot your admin password in magento 2 in localhost you cann’t retrieve by just clicking on lost password. For that you can reset through Magento CLI, then you can easily change password of your original user. Go inside magento directory and type:

Issue during deleting all cache in magento 2

Caching in magento 2

Normally you delete all cache either using


You may receive some errors as

On this situation you all can do is re compile the files as

After all the problem is solved.